Another Typhoon, Another Manga


Another typhoon is currently happening in the Tokyo area. This really just means a lot of heavy rain and wind. No lightning, so it’s still safe to take a bath 😉

Recently, I picked up the manga, ‘One Piece’. It’s about a boy who wants to become a pirate :). To spice things up, he eats some ancient pirate curse and ends up with stretchy skills like Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four. However, unlike Mr. Fantastic, the main character, ルフィ (Rufie? in English) is completely endearing as he is quite stupid and completely honest. It reminds me a lot of Guybrush from Monkey Island or Duncan from Arvale. As I mentioned in my article about the Monomyth, It allows you to be sucked into the story and follow the adventure along with the main character (as his naivete makes everything you both experience to be new).

The adventure also feels like an epic RPG, as Rufie travels from island to island and meets new characters which join his party along the way and add their own special skills to his team. I’ve often wondered why there hasn’t been a really good Pirate RPG game written.

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