4 Random Thoughts for Budapest Day 4


You may be wondering what the hell a koala has to do with Budapest. Well, nothing really. Except I was thinking of a random joke involving Koalas while I was in Budapest today, and since I still didn’t have my G1 camera to take any actual pictures, this is what you get.

I spent most of the day working on the story for the new Arvale game (I’ve almost decided on a name, almost) which usually activates the random jokes and thoughts section of my brain and here were some leftovers (which I couldn’t quite fit into the game’s story):

1. If Eucalyptus is the main diet of a Koala… what do they take to feel better when they get a cold?

2. You never notice how badly your body is messed up until you get a massage.Β  Either that, or a massage messes up your body so badly that you notice it.

3. (this is based on a true story) I recently had to fill out an application which required my birth certificate. They told me that my birth certificate was too old. So apparently, my birth certificate expired. So… I wasn’t born? I wasn’t aware that birth certificates could expire!

4. (This one is kinda mean, but it made me smile) Give ugly babies compliments while they’re still kinda cute. It may be the last time they ever hear them πŸ™‚

I then spent the majority of the evening meeting with the original artist for Arvale 1 and discussing some contract work with him for the new Arvale. This involved beer somehow.

Enough Budapest for now, I’m catching a flight toΒ  Amsterdam tomorrow. I’ve heard they have museums, bicycles, water dikes, and some district with pretty red lights I’m supposed to check out. I just got my phone back, so pictures will be taken. If all else fails, they at least have Heineken.

Photo Credit: Corey Leopold

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