10 Best Websites of 2009

Oh yeah! You ready for it?! Are you ready?! People love lists. Psychologists figured this out long ago, marketing and advertising agencies quickly followed suit.

All you have to do is put a number in a title and people are 80% more likely to read the content. I made that up, and it’s completely true.

Anyway, here’s the list of the top 10 best damn blogs/sites on the internet (for me, which either helped me, entertained me, made me laugh out loud, or brush my teeth) in 2009.

Gaping Void: I recently found this site and I already love this guy. In a sea of personal development gurus and internet entrepreneurs telling you ‘Yes you can! Be a billionaire! Quit your crappy job! Live your dream! Connect with everyone!’… This guy tells the exact opposite. Keep your day job, you most likely Won’t be successful, and Ignore Everyone.

AJATT: All Japanese All The Time is arguably one of the best blogs on the internet. Khatz writing is funny enough to stand on its own, yet all of the stuff he talks about can be applied to learning pretty much any skill, not just Japanese.

Ittybiz: Another recent find, but I really love this girl. Apparently, it’s something about marketing for small businesses. I just go there for the profanity.

Gear Diary: There are thousands of gadget review sites out there. Most review sites are basically affiliate shops with paid reviews and completely full of sheepdip. So it’s quite rare to find a site with reviewers honest enough to go and buy the product with their own money *and* give an honest review, like when Judie Lipsett recently trashed spoke honestly about the new nook e-reader. That, and Judie looks hot in glasses.

Chris Brogan: I’m wary of recommending him these days. His articles are pretty hit and miss lately and it honestly sounds like he’s just pulling stuff out of his ass to have good sounding content every day. However, his archives are a freaking goldmine of great tips on blogging and social media in general.

Steve Pavlina: I don’t even visit often anymore, I’m way past his personal development stuff (which is how he became known for most people, I found him when I was following his articles on indie game development) and I’m way turned off by his woo-woo new age crap. But now, it’s entertainment! I simply follow him for the drama. Watching this year’s episode of Mr. Pavlina was as funny as it was predictable for me. He attains some real fame and income, he and his wife decide to go polyamorous (which is a technical way of saying you consent to both of you sleeping around), they get a divorce, he gets interested in fashion, and starts learning how to pick up new chicks better. Entertaining for me at least 🙂

Last Day of Work: Not as interesting to read as a blog, but LDW makes fantastic casual games on PC and Mac and also because of awesome interview I was able to do with Arthur Humphrey.

Thinkumentary: Are bunch of intelligent,right-wing, whack-jobs (read: dangerous), but they’re pretty good friends of mine, so I like them 🙂 You know, to balance things out.

And two sites which aren’t exactly blogs but are really helpful to Japanese Language Learning are:

Gigazine: Easy to read Japanese news (for intermediate level Japanese) in short snippets, blog style. Great for random news. Less overwhelming than Yahoo News.

Nihongo J-talk: Because after you finish Heisig, you realize there are Kanji like 鬱 and you need a good keyword.

So there you have it. Top 10. Right? Right!

See you soon 😉

Photo Credit: Sam Churchill

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