1 More Reason Why You Should Hire a Real Artist For Your Project

Continuing the theme from the title sketches for Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Episode II (which you can find here and have a good laugh, or an epiphany, or both!).

Above is a general sketch using stick figures for Arvale, Episode III. Zoom in for all the juicy details 🙂

I guess some explanation is in order… Since the cast of characters is piling up, the artist and I decided it would be best to divide the scene into a foreground and background; so as not to have too much distraction or general business from the main composition. So the foreground has the new characters plus Duncan and Silk, while the background will include the other characters as silhouette in the background.

Firstly, Duncan is in the center, casually strolling and casually pointing at something of interest, sword sheathed and at his side. Easy enough.

In front of Duncan and on to the right, is Brodyn (a new character, unless you’ve played Arvale: Journey of Illusion), with his back half turned towards the ‘camera’, mostly showing his cape and holding his spear in his left hand.

Noko, the little girl (brand new character), has both hands tugging on Brodyn’s spear with a pouty look on her face (zoom in to see my awesome rendition of pouting :P).

Silk is on the left this time looking slightly… worriedly (is that a word?) at Noko and Brodyn.

You see Chev on the back-left side with his hands drumming away on a barrel (don’t ask).

On the right in the back, you have Sakyra  reading the latest Placebook entry while Cyper is at her side explaining away, politician style, with both hands the intricacies of how Placebook is affecting modern politics.

And lastly, in front of both of them is Krygnk, with axe in hand, and staring up in awe at the really tall structures of Garga.

A bit clearer now?


Well, we’ll see how the final turns out. If it’s anything like the previous title art I know it will be awesome.

More to come soon!

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